San Antonio Spurs

So as y’all can tell by some of my previous posts.. I really  do enjoy sports. I like to watch basketball and baseball games on my days off a lot of my paycheck does go to sporting events and I think it is totally worth it. My favorite team ever is the San Antonio Spurs. I really do love watching basketball, I enjoy watching it more than baseball. The reason why I get to watch more baseball games is because I live here in Houston and it is very convenient. 

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the four former American Basketball Association teams to stay in tact in the NBA after the ABA-NBA merger. The Spurs have five NBA championships. The Spurs currently rank first among active franchises for the highest winning percentage in NBA history, and have a winning head-to-head regular season record against every active NBA franchise

In their 38 NBA seasons since 1976–1977, the Spurs have won 20 division titles. They have made the playoffs in 24 of the last 25 seasons (since 1989–1990) and have only missed the playoffs four times since entering the NBA; they have not missed the playoffs in the 18 seasons since Tim Duncan was drafted by the Spurs in 1997. He actually just turned 40 on the 25th he is also known as Old man River walk. 

They  won their championships in, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007,2014. They also have 6 division titles in these years, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007,  201, 2014. Tim Duncan has been with the Spurs every year that they have won a championship. 

The Spurs set several NBA attendance records while playing at the Alamodome including the largest crowd ever for a NBA game in 1999, and the Spurs continue to sell out the smaller AT&T  on a regular basis.

The San Antonio Spurs original name was the Dallas Chaparrals. They were actually a Dallas team at the beginning but ended up moving to San Antonio because of money issues even though they were a good team. 

In 1990, they unveiled their new logo called the “Fiesta” logo. The logo had the silver spur with black text. The background was made to look like a flag with teal, pink and orange colors. It is said that those colors were used to represent the Mexican and Chicano population of San Antonio. This was and is my favorite logo that the Spurs have used. 


Houston Astros

This time of year is always my favorite because it is OFFICIALLY now baseball season! I get really excited because the Astros are the only Houston team I truly support. Over the summer I go to about two or three games a week just depending on my work schedule. 

The Astros were established as the Houston Colt .45s and entered the National League in 1962 with the expansion New York Mets. The current name was adopted three years later, when they moved into the Astrodome, the world’s first domed sports stadium.

The Houston Astros have been through many logo changes.The Astros have had 7 different logos over their history, never using a letter or city name only.


The only logo for the Colt 45’s is a blue gun with smoke forming the letter “C” of the word “Colt” scripted above the gun and a wordmark “.45s” underneath the gun. A wordmark on top “HOUSTON” in blue. This was their first logo was used from 1962-1964.




An image of the Astrodome in white and blue with four baseballs rotating around the stadium. A wordmark “ASTROS” in blue with white trim on a orange circle background. This logo was used from 1965-1974.



The Astros logo in 1975 slightly changed with a new smaller image of the Astrodome in blue and white with four baseballs rotating around the stadium. The word-mark “ASTROS” is now below and angled around the stadium on a orange background. This is my favorite Logo that the Astros have used. This logo was used between 1975-1993.



New logo design with a shooting gold star and a word-mark “HOUSTON” in white and inside the star. Below the star is a word-mark “ASTROS” in gold with white trim, inside the navy blue Astrodome. This logo was used in 1994.



Getting ready to leave the Astrodome, as the dome is removed from the logo. The new variation of the logo is a shooting gold star with the word-mark “ASTROS” in blue with a white trim. A word-mark “HOUSTON” about the star in blue. This Logo was used from 1995-1999.



In 2000 the logo featured a scripted word-mark “Astros” in black with brick and tan trim and with swash underneath and the endless layers of colored strokes. A brick and tan star above “Astros” script. This Logo was used from 2000 to 2012.


This is the Astros current logo. It is my second favorite. I love the orange and blue!