Nolan Ryan

Hey everyone! Since baseball season is upon us, I decided to write this blog about an amazing player. So enjoy! 

Nolan Ryan was born January 31, 1947 in Refugio Texas. He was the youngest of six children. About two months after his birth his family moved here, to Alvin Texas. He joined Alvin Little League baseball when he was nine years old. It wasn’t long before he threw his first no hitter. Ryan made the all-star team at ages 11 and 12. He then played baseball at Alvin high school. During his Senior year he amassed a 20-4 record and batted .700 in the State Tournament. He was named to the All-State team before graduating High School in 1965. 

In 1965 the Mets drafted Ryan in the 8th round pick. The Mets were the first team he pitched for and he led them to win in the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles in 1969. This was his only World Series appearance.  This is how he got one of his nicknames, “The Ryan’s express”.


After the Mets, Ryan was traded to the California Angels on December 10, 1971. He was the Angels starting pitcher. With 320 strikeouts, Ryan led the American League he also had nine shutouts. Ryan set a new record with 383 strikeouts beating Sandy Koufax’s record by ONE. 


Ryan then signed a contract with the Houston Astros for a record $1 million in 1979. With Houston he pitched his 3509 career strikeout. He became the first pitcher in history to pass up Walter Johnson’s 1927 record. 


He joined the Texas Rangers as a free agent. Making this the last team he played with. In 1991 he pitched his seventh and last no hitter. 


  • He is the only Major League baseball player to have his jersey retired by 3 teams. (Angels, Astros,and the Rangers)
  • He held the record for throwing the fastest baseball, being clocked at 100.9 miles per hour. 
  • He delivered the Houston Post with his father every morning as a boy.
  • His Zodiac sign is a Aquarius 
  • His full name is Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. 
  • In 1999 he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame
  • Ryan married his High School Sweetheart, her name was Ruth
  • He was the previous chief executive officer of the Texas Rangers
  • He is currently an executive adviser to the owner of the Houston Astros
  • He was 6′ 2
  • He had three kids, Reid Ryan, Wendy Ryan, and Reese Ryan


  • “It helps if the hitter thinks you’re crazy”
  • “It took me awhile to figure that out and to realize what a gift I have been given. And when I finally did, I dedicated myself to be the best pitcher I possibly could be, for as long as I possibly could be.
  • “One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in awhile you come into a situation where you want to, reach down and prove something”
  • “Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have an opportunity to get the most from your talent”   


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