Shiner Bock

So since Spring Break has just ended, sadly, and Summer is just around the corner.. I decided to write this blog about Shiner beer. Shiner is my favorite beer so it made this blog easier to write.It is brewed right here in Texas which makes it even better! I learned a lot of cool facts about this beer and I hope y’all enjoy!


Shiner is brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery here in Shiner, Texas. Here is the address if y’all are ever interested in taking a tour 603 East Brewery Street, Shiner, TX 77984. The population of Shiner Texas is 2,069 making it a very small town. Just so you can get an idea where Shiner is in Texas, I provided the map below. 

shiner texas

The original tin brewery was founded in the center of an Austrian, German, and Czech farming community near the railroad tracks on the banks of Boggy Creek. Czech and German immigrants settled near Shiner Texas, they couldn’t find a beer they were accustomed to so they started brewing something very similar to what they were used to drinking.

The founder of the Spoetzl brewery.

Born in Bavaria, Kosmos Spoetzl’s passion for beer carried him as far as Egypt before arriving in tiny Shiner, Texas. There, he purchased the town’s brewery and became Shiner’s first official brewmaster, a post that he held for nearly half a century.Spoetzl had attended brewmaster’s school and apprenticed for three years in Germany and worked for eight years at the Pyramid Brewery in Cairo, Egypt, before moving to San Antonio in search of a better climate for his health. He came carrying the recipe for a Bavarian beer made by his family from pure malt and hops. Spoetzl returned to Germany to receive a brew master’s degree. I did not even know there was a degree in brewing beer, obviously I didn’t choose my degree carefully. 

When Prohibition was declared in 1918, Spoetzl produced near beer, ice, and, according to some sources, regular beer as well. During this period, he sustained the brewery by doing construction work in Florida with crews and trucks brought from Texas. After his wife’s death in 1921, Spoetzl considered returning to Bavaria but was convinced by his daughter to retain the business.

Spoetzl was known for driving through the countryside of Shiner Texas offering farmers cold beer, soda, and silver coins. He used a Hobo band to promote his beer. This Hobo band still continued to promote his brand even after his death. In 1950 Spoetzl passed away, leaving the brewery to his daughter. She became the only woman to own a brewery in the nation.


I hope y’all enjoyed reading this blog!



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  1. The significance of alcohol in human history can not be under estimated. Apologies to an who believe that nothing good can come of alcohol, but algebra has its origins in determining the alcohol content of vessels used for its transport in the Ancient World and the lack of an adequate supply of beer lead to the pilgrims remaining in New England instead of attempting to make their way to Virginia.


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