Land and Power

So before we were released to Spring break two weeks ago we had a very interesting lecture. We were asked what were the causes of most of the wars and the consequences. At first it was hard until the professor had us map out the whole thing on the board. Out of all the reasons on the board I believe land and power were the most important.

In most cases, the Indians were losing their land, this lead to Indian raids.The Red River War was a military campaign launched by the United States Army in 1874 to remove the Comanche, Kiowa, Southern Cheyenne, and Arapaho Native American tribes from the Southern Plains and forcibly relocate them to reservations in Indian Territory. 

Red river War Battles

Another war that was fought over land and Power was the Texas Revolution.October 2, 1835 – April 21, 1836.The Texas Revolution began when colonists in the Mexican province of Texas rebelled against the increasingly centralist Mexican government.Texas wanted their independence from Mexico they were fighting for their rights and their own land. Mexico was fighting to keep control over Texas and to keep their land. 


The Mexican American war was a  war between the U.S. and Mexico spanned the period from spring 1846 to fall 1847, resulting in the defeat of Mexico and the loss of approximately half of its national territory in the north. The main consequence from this war was Mexico was the loss of a lot of their land. 


The War of 1812 was a military conflict, lasting from June 18, 1812 to February 18, 1815, fought by the United States of America against Great Britain, its North American colonies, and its North American Indian allies. This being a military conflict I view this as an struggle of power. 

war of 1812

Lastly the Civil war in my opinion was a struggle of power from the North and the South. The South was reluctant to change their traditional way of life and rebelled against the Union. 

I believe most or all of the wars is about power. One country is having an conflict with another and they can’t resolve the issue by “just talking”. After going through some of the causes of the wars I did some research on, my thought of this was proven.


Nolan Ryan

Hey everyone! Since baseball season is upon us, I decided to write this blog about an amazing player. So enjoy! 

Nolan Ryan was born January 31, 1947 in Refugio Texas. He was the youngest of six children. About two months after his birth his family moved here, to Alvin Texas. He joined Alvin Little League baseball when he was nine years old. It wasn’t long before he threw his first no hitter. Ryan made the all-star team at ages 11 and 12. He then played baseball at Alvin high school. During his Senior year he amassed a 20-4 record and batted .700 in the State Tournament. He was named to the All-State team before graduating High School in 1965. 

In 1965 the Mets drafted Ryan in the 8th round pick. The Mets were the first team he pitched for and he led them to win in the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles in 1969. This was his only World Series appearance.  This is how he got one of his nicknames, “The Ryan’s express”.


After the Mets, Ryan was traded to the California Angels on December 10, 1971. He was the Angels starting pitcher. With 320 strikeouts, Ryan led the American League he also had nine shutouts. Ryan set a new record with 383 strikeouts beating Sandy Koufax’s record by ONE. 


Ryan then signed a contract with the Houston Astros for a record $1 million in 1979. With Houston he pitched his 3509 career strikeout. He became the first pitcher in history to pass up Walter Johnson’s 1927 record. 


He joined the Texas Rangers as a free agent. Making this the last team he played with. In 1991 he pitched his seventh and last no hitter. 


  • He is the only Major League baseball player to have his jersey retired by 3 teams. (Angels, Astros,and the Rangers)
  • He held the record for throwing the fastest baseball, being clocked at 100.9 miles per hour. 
  • He delivered the Houston Post with his father every morning as a boy.
  • His Zodiac sign is a Aquarius 
  • His full name is Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. 
  • In 1999 he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame
  • Ryan married his High School Sweetheart, her name was Ruth
  • He was the previous chief executive officer of the Texas Rangers
  • He is currently an executive adviser to the owner of the Houston Astros
  • He was 6′ 2
  • He had three kids, Reid Ryan, Wendy Ryan, and Reese Ryan


  • “It helps if the hitter thinks you’re crazy”
  • “It took me awhile to figure that out and to realize what a gift I have been given. And when I finally did, I dedicated myself to be the best pitcher I possibly could be, for as long as I possibly could be.
  • “One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in awhile you come into a situation where you want to, reach down and prove something”
  • “Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have an opportunity to get the most from your talent”   


End Of Orca Breeding

So some exciting news that was released this Spring break was Sea World stopping it’s Orca breeding and their Orca shows! When I was younger we used to visit the San Antonio Sea World all the time. The Orca shows were my favorite to watch. I was so impressed by how they got these huge animals to do all these tricks. I was in love with whales after my first trip to Sea World, I remember my mom buying me a Barbie set with a Barbie trainer and a Shamu it was my favorite thing ever. 

Two Summers ago we decided to take my cousin to go to Sea World to experience what we did when we were kids. I remember texting my friend when I sat down for an Orca show. She immediately started telling me how bad it was that I was supporting something so horrible. I did not understand why she was so angry with me and I was starting to get upset myself. In the texting conversation she asked me, “Have you ever watched the documentary, Blackfish?” I replied no, I have never seen or heard of it before. She then understood why I was so confused and then told me whenever I got back home to watch it. 

The next day when I was home, I found the documentary on Netflix and decided to see what the whole fuss was about. Watching this documentary, it made me feel sick to my stomach. I even teared up, in my head I kept asking myself,”Why haven’t I seen this before?” I felt horrible for giving Sea World my money. I promised myself to never go back to Sea World, and haven’t went back since. I make my opinion very clear to my family when the idea of going to Sea World comes up. I feel now that my family is starting to back me on boycotting Sea World.

black fish
You can find this on Netflix, It will change your whole prespective about Sea World. t


SeaWorld reported a wider loss in its fourth quarter of $25.4 million as attendance to its theme parks continued to fall. SeaWorld has been battling negative publicity after a 2013 documentary, Blackfish,said treatment of animals led to the deaths of trainers.
Attendance to the company’s 11 parks between October and December fell 2.2 percent to 4.4 million from 4.5 million in the same period a year ago.
Jim Atchison, who had served as CEO and president since 2009, stepped down in January following the documentary


Sea World claims now that the Whales  that they have at their theme parks will be the last they will own. Instead of doing the traditional shows with the Orcas they will now show natural behaviors and continue to study the animals. Protesters look at this a small step to the overall goal, they are fighting for them to, “free the tanks”. Releasing all of the Orcas. 

So what does this have to do with Texas? The San Diego Sea World will be the first to stop the Orca shows next year followed by the San Antonio location then the Orlando location in 2019. 

sea world.jpg

Shiner Bock

So since Spring Break has just ended, sadly, and Summer is just around the corner.. I decided to write this blog about Shiner beer. Shiner is my favorite beer so it made this blog easier to write.It is brewed right here in Texas which makes it even better! I learned a lot of cool facts about this beer and I hope y’all enjoy!


Shiner is brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery here in Shiner, Texas. Here is the address if y’all are ever interested in taking a tour 603 East Brewery Street, Shiner, TX 77984. The population of Shiner Texas is 2,069 making it a very small town. Just so you can get an idea where Shiner is in Texas, I provided the map below. 

shiner texas

The original tin brewery was founded in the center of an Austrian, German, and Czech farming community near the railroad tracks on the banks of Boggy Creek. Czech and German immigrants settled near Shiner Texas, they couldn’t find a beer they were accustomed to so they started brewing something very similar to what they were used to drinking.

The founder of the Spoetzl brewery.

Born in Bavaria, Kosmos Spoetzl’s passion for beer carried him as far as Egypt before arriving in tiny Shiner, Texas. There, he purchased the town’s brewery and became Shiner’s first official brewmaster, a post that he held for nearly half a century.Spoetzl had attended brewmaster’s school and apprenticed for three years in Germany and worked for eight years at the Pyramid Brewery in Cairo, Egypt, before moving to San Antonio in search of a better climate for his health. He came carrying the recipe for a Bavarian beer made by his family from pure malt and hops. Spoetzl returned to Germany to receive a brew master’s degree. I did not even know there was a degree in brewing beer, obviously I didn’t choose my degree carefully. 

When Prohibition was declared in 1918, Spoetzl produced near beer, ice, and, according to some sources, regular beer as well. During this period, he sustained the brewery by doing construction work in Florida with crews and trucks brought from Texas. After his wife’s death in 1921, Spoetzl considered returning to Bavaria but was convinced by his daughter to retain the business.

Spoetzl was known for driving through the countryside of Shiner Texas offering farmers cold beer, soda, and silver coins. He used a Hobo band to promote his beer. This Hobo band still continued to promote his brand even after his death. In 1950 Spoetzl passed away, leaving the brewery to his daughter. She became the only woman to own a brewery in the nation.


I hope y’all enjoyed reading this blog!