Proud to be an American, Blessed to be a Texan.

Hanging out with some family and friends the other day, an interesting topic came up. Let me just start off by asking this. Are you more likely to buy a shirt or any type of clothing with a Texas symbol or an “American symbol”?  For an example which one are you more likely to buy? Shirt A? Or shirt B?

texas home
Shirt A
made in america.jpg
Shirt B












Most people I have asked chose shirt A. Basically what we talked about was if we are more proud to be a Texan over an American. Technically we are still considered American but I believe that most Texans have more patriotism towards Texas than America itself. I find myself more interested in buying clothes that has Texas written all over them vs. America.

Example two. Shopping in Academy a couple of months ago my brother and I came across the Lone Survivor foundation shirts. Now keep in mind the two shirts I am about to show you are supporting the same foundation, but of course have two different flags on them. Can you guess what shirt my brother and I chose to purchase? 

lone survior 2
Shirt one
lone survior 1
Shirt two


 If you chose the shirt with the Texas flag on it then you were correct. I believe the exact words that came out of our mouths when we were debating about which one to buy was, “Let’s get the one with the Texas flag that one is BETTER!” 

  Whenever you travel out of the Country are you more likely to say you’re from the states or that you’re from Texas? I know that Puerto Rico is not considered “out of the country” by some people, but I feel like it is. When we were walking the streets of San Juan, whenever we would find ourselves in conversation with tour guides they would of course ask the question, “where are you all from?” Of course we would answer, “we are from Texas.” Now thinking about it we could have answered that we were from the states, but I believe that we are so proud to be from Texas, we want people to know we come from this great state. I remember we had some one ask, “Texas?  where is that?” I remember being kind of shocked, I remember thinking, “Are you serious?” I now think about how I didn’t know where Puerto Rico was until I found out I was going to vacation there for the Summer. So how could I expect people all over the world to know where Texas was located or to know even what Texas was?

      I believe Texans have a love for this state that people from other states will never understand. The conversation I had with my family and friends got pretty interesting I must say. Some of my friends weren’t even born in Texas but have shared that this is their favorite state to live in, so far. I love living here so much, I don’t see me moving out of this state EVER. 

One of the charms I own showing off the great State I live in!

Most of my blogs are a little bit on the serious side so I decided to do something a little different. I hope y’all liked this one!


5 thoughts on “Proud to be an American, Blessed to be a Texan.

  1. I have both A and B (But I wear A a lot more)! I took Texas for granted until I joined the Navy and left, spending nearly a year in Illinois and five in California. Living in those places was not ideal for me. It actually drove people nuts (especially Californians) that we Texans missed our home so much! Very cool that you got to spend a summer in Puerto Rico.


  2. This was very eye opening because I did not realize until now that when I am out of the country I also tell people I’m from Texas rather than saying I am from America. I am also a huge fan of Texas and would rather not move to any other state, since I am so accustomed and comfortable in Texas. Even when I went to California, the state with amazing weather and Los Angeles, I couldn’t help but really miss the strange Texas weather and the life in Houston.


  3. I lived in Germany in 2014 for several months. I met many people who asked where I was from and I did notice that I always responded with “Texas” rather than “America.” I just love Texas and I’m proud of being a born and raised Texan! 🙂


  4. All Texan’s are proud of their state. When I lived in Tennessee I would answer the question, “Where are you from?” by stating the that I was born in Texas and would later inform the individual that I had been relocated as a result of my father’s work, however, Texas is and always will be my home. My time in Tennessee will always be my time in a foreign land surrounded by a strange and alien culture. As sort of exile if you will.

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  5. Everyone that I have ever met from Texas is proud of it and loves it more than any other state that have lived in before. When I go on vacations I catch myself saying i’m from Texas as well, I think that is just the pride that we have from being from this wonderful state. Texas is always gonna be the place that I call home.


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