Comanche Indians Violence

Hey everyone!During discussion on Thursday, initially the vast majority of the class was overwhelmingly surprised whenever we went into detail about the passage A Caddo War Party Returns Home. In this passage, the narrator explains that the Caddos Indians tortured a woman who was taken captive. They scalped her alive, killed her, chopped her up and feasted those pieces to other captives. As my role as Passage Master last week I chose this passage as an important one.I found it very interesting so I decided to look up other violent rituals or things other Texas- Indians were known for.
Whenever doing my research, I came across a Blog that I actually enjoyed reading it was very interesting. The name of it was The American Cowboy Chronicles written by Tom Correa. He discusses that the Comanches were known for being extremely violent.


caddo 1
This is a drawing of the Caddos scalping captives.
This picture is an great representation of what was going on in that certain passage.


The Comanches are known for being great warriors. They were also known for being really good traders. The Comanches had to drive out a few tribes to settle down in the South Plains of Texas. Those tribes included some of the Jumano, Pueblo, and Apache Indians. Every article I read claims that they were very fierce fighters.

comanche indians
Here is a map of Comanche Migration so you get an idea of where they lived. I pulled this from a website that I will site so you can check out!

Now when you Google Comanche Violence acts, the titles will read, “Comanche Indians: Butchered babies and Roasted enemies alive”. I clicked on a few of these websites and I was taken back by what I was reading. There is a certain case that I saw in a couple of articles I was reading. It was about a 16 year old girl who was beaten by the Comanche Indians. She was held captive for about 18 months and was beaten and disfigured so badly she was hardly recognizable.‘Her head, arms and face were full of bruises and sores,’ wrote one witness, Mary Maverick. ‘And her nose was actually burnt off to the bone. Both nostrils were wide open and denuded of flesh.’ This was taken by a witness in the case that was held against the Comanches. (If you want to read the whole article here is the link it is pretty gruesome.  ) Long story short another witness to the Comanches violence claims that torturing, killings, and gang-rapings were routine. Any captives that were men were tortured and killed, women were raped repeatedly, and babies were killed as well.

The movie Lone Ranger which starts Johnny Depp is mentioned in all the articles or websites that I check out. Johnny Depp plays a Comanche Indian and apparently there is a lot of controversy about the misrepresentation of the Comanche Indians. I have not watched that movie yet but now plan to because of the little bit of research I have done. I basically wanted to learn about another Indian tribe in Texas who had done violent acts and I have learned so much about the Comanche Indians and now so have you! (Hopefully!)



Hey guys this is my first blog ever so hope I am doing this right!

In class Thursday we were asked the question, “What is Texas history?” When I think of Texas History I think of the Alamo or Texas joining the Union. The professor showed us some, what I would call random videos from Youtube. Then the question was asked, “Is this considered Texas History?” My answer would have been no if I was called on. To my surprise technically those videos were considered Texas History. One of the movies was actually filmed in Dallas,Texas and the other was actually based on rural life in Texas.

This Song is by the Josh Abbott band a Texas Country band. This song would even be considered Texas History. What I took away from this lecture is that if anything was influenced by Texas then it could be considered Texas History.